Learn More About CABANA Resort Development | CABANA Resort & Spa of Bonita Springs, Florida
CABANA Resort & Spa offers luxury living in true Southwest Florida style: full of fun, sun and family vacation quality entertainment, and attractions – all within the resort itself.
The overarching concept for CABANA Resort & Spa has been to create a destination-quality resort and entertainment property that applies good business practices, creates good employment opportunities, adheres to good fiscal and environmental citizenship and delivers good family fun for its buyers. The entertainment and attractions will be what set it apart from other developments and make it a year-round vacation destination designed to attract families, couples young and not so much, foodies, coffee and brew enthusiasts and a few art lovers.
As a model for success, CABANA Resort & Spa delivers benefits at every level of involvement.
Its singular location along Bonita Beach Road – the only gateway access to the Gulf beaches between N. Naples and S. Ft. Myers – will enhance its cache and introduce an ever changing audience to the family fun and amenity rich year round style that CABANA Resort & Spa brings to Bonita Springs, FL.


Led by Omer Dror, 3BL Ventures LLC has acquired several parcels that comprise the 25-acre site for CABANA Resort & Spa, including Bonita Village and the former Rode’s Restaurant and Fish Market.

Mr. Dror, a Yale MBA and MIT real estate development master student, brings his education, talents, and love of Bonita Springs to bear on the development of CABANA Resort & Spa to create a destination resort enterprise built to profit people and planet.


Omer Dror | 3BL Ventures LLC

A Florida resident since childhood, Omer Dror began his career in real estate development the old fashioned way, helping his parents after school to build their family business. When it grew to the point that they needed a way to guarantee a steady flow of inventory for their accounts, Mr. Dror found his calling. He suggested they buy a warehouse. And they did. At auction, and together they restored and refurbished it, and grew their business even more.

Looking back decades later, Mr. Dror observed,

“… even then, as a kid, I could see how fixing up that building brought business, activity, benefits to us all – my family, the workers, the clients, and even the warehouse district. I can’t say I was focused on it then, but – yeah – it did, and I felt good about it.”
In the years that followed, he earned a triple BS in Social Sciences from the University of Florida, and advanced degrees from Yale and MIT in associated real estate development disciplines. He has been a licensed commercial real estate broker since 2001, focusing on the purchase and rehabilitation of older or distressed properties Florida which he restores, rebrands and markets. Two large properties in particular, the Palm Club in Palm Beach and Prentiss Pointe in Ft. Myers shaped his vision for future developments. In both instances, the projects had fallen into disuse. The poor economy in the latter 2000’s and the lack of any cohesive urban planning that could attract and engage buyers’ interests in the developments spoke volumes to Mr. Dror about how to plan and create a successful enterprise – real estate or otherwise.

First: it’s not just a condo. It’s a condo on a street in a neighborhood and a community, town, county and state. Applying the tenets of urban planning, if all entities in that chain realize some benefit to the degree they are involved, there is an improved possibility for success. In the case of CABANA Resort & Spa, Mr. Dror started acquiring properties in the area five years ago in order to assemble enough acreage to build a large resort. In 2012 he initiated the Bonita Beach Road Alliance for Beautification to bring together business owners with vested interests in seeing the area improved. As a group their voices have more weight with the town and county in discussions about the future of the Bonita Beach Road corridor from US 41 to the Gulf of Mexico.

By nature, experience and education, Mr. Dror believes that CABANA Resort & Spa is a successful enterprise on its way to becoming a destination quality resort and entertainment property, because he and his partners in 3BL Ventures apply good business practices, create good employment opportunities, adhere to good fiscal and environmental citizenship and deliver good family fun for its owners. While he and his wife, Kylie, await the birth of their first child, he is committed to the town where he met her and where they started their life together.